A Little History…

Brandon, owner Furches PerformanceMy name is Brandon Furches and I represent the fifth generation of my family’s contribution to the automotive industry.

Catherine Isabel FentonIn 1909 Catherine Isabel Fenton my great-great grandmother began selling her first cars over the kitchen table. She quickly outgrew the confinements of her home and became a subsidiary of the Reopell Chevrolet dealership. In 1922 she became a full-fledged Chevrolet dealer and the first woman auto dealer in the United States. By 1930 her dealership was housed in a new building with my great-great grandfather William H. Fenton acting as business manager. Their business survived the great depression and continued to grow. Her accomplishments in the automotive industry won her inclusion to the Automobile Old-timers Club as well as the Automobile Hall of Fame in Lansing, Michigan.

In the early 1970’s Catherine and William retired leaving the business to be operated by her son and grandson William J. Fenton Sr. and Jr. My grandfather and his father operated a combined dealership selling Chevrolets and Oldsmobiles until they phased out of the new car business and retained the leasing, rental, and used car divisions which are still operating today as Fenton Leasing. Staying true to the family’s original business philosophy, they operated under the slogan “Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you.” It was this approach that established the Fentons as having one of the most trustworthy businesses in town.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a small condo behind my grandfather’s business. Every day when my father went to work as a service manager for another local dealership, I would wander out front to experience the inner workings of a well oiled machine. Every aspect of the business was infatuating and at a very young age I learned to take pride in my work. I would spend hours detailing vehicles in preparation for delivery only to have my grandfather come back and point out all the tiny areas I had missed. These were never lessons in a condescending manner; simply emphasis on the importance of attention to detail. I was being coached to always strive for perfection.

Brandon Furches weldingThe automotive and fabrication industry is not just a career path I’ve pursued; it is my passion and a lifestyle which I have fully embraced since my earliest memories. Through my adult life over the past 15 years, my skill set has advanced drastically from that of a 12v audio and accessory installer to a well respected fabricator and business owner. It is my dedication and the quest for speed which has shaped my life’s work. I attribute my success to being a true enthusiast over all other things.


Brandon Furches